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This is the blog of a man who loves panties. He loves the sight of a panty line on a woman wearing tight pants. He loves the piece of the "thong" that hangs out of low cut pants. He loves the feel of the lady underwear in his hands. Last but certainly not least, he loves the smell of worn panties.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

23 pair of panties

Over some time, i have collected about 23 pair of panties from different girlfriends. I keep them in individual plastic baggies. A buddy of mine offered to put them up on ebay for me but i declined. i really don't know why i keep them, i just do. i haven't "really" looked at them for a while but have them just in case. My girlfriend now knows that i have them and she doesn't care. her pair is on the top of the pile. HaHa! i'm not sure if i can remember how i got them all. i know i got one off of a girl in Tijuana, Mexico when i went. She was a mexican cutie and boy was she wild. i couldn't tell you which pair were hers though. i bet a buddy of mine 20 bucks that i'd be able to get in her panties. after about 1o minutes of talking to her, i asked her if she had any on. she said she did and i was thinking i was going to get her to go somewhere with me for a quickie. (it's not unusual to get laid at a club in TJ, I've seen people going into closets for 5-10 minutes to handle their business) we danced a few songs and then i told her that i really wanted to "smell" her. she asked me how i managed to do that. I told her that we could go somewhere and have some "fun" or she could take her panties off. After a little discussion, she agreed to let me smell her panties. she was wearing a neon green g-string under some tight ass jeans. she said she'd take them off for me right then and there if i had a pocket knife. Luckily, i had my Swiss Army knife that my long distance relationship girlfriend sent me for Christmas. i pulled it out and she asked me to cut the top part of her panties (the part that rides up her crack and connects with the top of the waistband). i politely said ok, and i cut that piece off and made another cut on the side of them and she just "wiggled" them off. i was in panty heaven. I spent the rest of that night dancing away with a neon green string hanging out of my pocket. you can bet that i sniffed them right in front of her. i didn't get laid but i made $20 bucks.


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